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What is Alabama Love?

Supporting the nonprofit, Love is What Love Does, in conjunction with the

Honorable Mayor Patrick Braxton.

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The Conspiracy
(Braxton vs. Stokes)

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Civil rights attorney Richard Rouco, activist LaQuenna Lewis & Mayor Patrick Braxton

Patrick Braxton accomplished something no other black resident of the city of Newbern had ever accomplished since the city's founding in 1854; he was duly elected mayor of the city.

However, the minority white residents of the city, long accustomed to exercising total control over city government refused to accept this outcome.

Mayor Braxton and his council have filed a lawsuit against the defendants to put an end to a continued conspiracy to deprive the black residents meaningful representation.

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The Activists

LaQuenna Lewis Founder/Executive Director

A humanitarian at heart, LaQuenna Lewis has dedicated her life to promoting the wellness of those around her.  As the Founder and Executive Director of the 501©3 organization, Love Is What Love Does, Ms. Lewis serves the organization by providing healthy food distribution, community gardens, emergency services, and voting registration,


As a community activist, Ms. LaQuenna Lewis, spearheaded an investigation in support of the Honorable Mayor Braxton, the duly elected mayor, who has been denied the ability to serve. 


LaQuenna teamed with Mayor Braxton to offer services to the community while fighting to help him gain entry to his office. During the investigation, her house was burnt to the ground (official cause undetermined) and she has received hate mail purportedly from Ayran Nation threatening Mayor Braxton, her children and herself.  To view the news article click here.

Mayor Patrick Braxton

The first black Mayor of Newbern, Alabama, Mayor Pat is a first responder and volunteer fireman.  He decided to run for elected office when he became frustrated at the lack of services the community was receiving from the white mayor and his council.  


Mayor Braxton collaborated with Love Is What Love Does to bring much needed services to Newbern especially during the COVID lockdown. He singlehandedly delivered COVID supplies including much needed food to all the residents of Newbern. He has awarded a LifeSavers Award and Firefighter of the Year. Braxton resides with his wife and family in Newbern where he continues to serve all community members.

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